Baoanan and Damayan Generate Media Hype!

Marichu Baoanan, the abused Filipina nurse of ex ambassador Baja, has caused media hype these past few weeks. And of course Damayan was also responsible to answer all the questions and promote the bomb that Marichu had dropped that made the Philippine government shudder.

Lately, the Bajas have been working so hard to defend themselves by trying to get certification from the Phil. mission and Phil. embassy that Baja was actually an ambassador. This certification would effect the immunity that would exonerate the Bajas from the crime they committed. They are busy covering up all their stinky mess in the Philippines and now here in the US.
As the US and its Phil. puppet pretend that they are against human trafficking, their laws have contradictions: diplomatic immunity paralyzes these governments from carrying out their own laws. Diplomats are not afraid to commit any atrocities, for they all know they can get away with it. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. The people should do something about this hole in this half-baked justice system.

How on earth does the Phil. mission in New York have the guts to say repeatedly in the media that Marichu Baoanan's case is an isolated one? This is absolutely a big tarradiddle! I know a lot of abused workers by diplomats here in NYC. If I would write their stories, one book is not enough to write down all the miserable experiences at the hands of their diplomat employers. Hello Elmer Cato of Phil. mission, are you ok?

Have you heard about an ambassador to Korea who stole some stuff in a department store in Korea? This sucker was also protected by immunity as an ambassador to the Phil. mission, and was also covered up by the Philippine government for the sake of their credibility and ignominies. And one more thing, this kleptomaniac also abused a house helper who is his distant relative. Working 24/7 for a bedridden elder, this domestic worker did all the house work, and took care of 2 children and received nothing but denigration from their family members. For more than 6 years she was a "slave". Abused domestic workers should learn their rights and gain the determination to escape or file an abuse case. And now Damayan is promoting the rights of Filipino migrant workers to raise their awareness to avoid such incidences.

Marichu's case now is a partial victory. For if not for her heroic revelation this will happen ceaselessly. Damayan demands revoke immunity, we insist accountability!

Justice for Marichu Baoanan!!

Monsi Ledesma
Damayan member
August 18, 2008

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